South Wake Partners Invests in Innovative, Commited Companies in the Medical Industry.


Driving Results and Innovation in Healthcare

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Healthcare Provider Services

We help scale leading provider-service businesses.

The U.S. healthcare services sector is highly inefficient and fragmented.  We invest in companies with a proven business model and a demonstrated ability to deliver cost-effective solutions. Our hyper-focus in healthcare services drives unique investment theme generation and allows SWP to partner with management teams poised for success that are too small for a traditional private equity investment.

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Biopharmaceutical/Medical Device

Outsourced Biopharmaceutical / Medical Device Services


Innovation and people first - financial profile second. In the rapidly changing landscape of biopharma services, SWP is focused on partnering with proven management teams building innovative and defensible businesses. Our investment team and advisory board have decades of experience which help identify new bottlenecks in the drug development industry – we seek to invest in companies which address these bottlenecks. Our flexible and patient capital base allows SWP to remain disciplined on our thematic approach.

South Wake Partners is a Healthcare-Focused Private Equity Firm that Partners with Proven Healthcare Entrepreneurs.


South Wake Partners Exclusively Invests In The Healthcare Sector. 

Experts in the healthcare space, our team applies decades of healthcare expertise and industry connections to our process-driven strategy utilizing deep thematic research and proprietary deal sourcing for superior risk-adjusted returns. 

We partner with proven healthcare entrepreneurs who have built growing and profitable businesses with defined growth strategies.  

Unlike traditional private equity funds, over 25% of committed capital comes from the South Wake Partners investment team. Our unique fund structure and access to permanent capital maintains a highly aligned incentive structure between our Investment Team, Investor Base, and Portfolio Company Management. An investment from South Wake is both a professional and personal commitment from our team.